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OLC brings together a coalition of patriot affiliates that guard our constitutional rights by identifying areas of concern. When we work together, we can reach the whole state through communication and education. 


“2020 Stand Your Ground”

Taking the Offense

The SECOND Annual
Gathering of the Eagles – Rally Around the Flag 

Stand Your Ground” Rally Held

September 19, 2020

Walking into the Curtright hanger, the floor-to-ceiling U.S. Flag takes your breath away. It covers the entire airplane door. The other three sides are glassed out with floor to ceiling windows that outlines crosses, which Ames Curtright was passionate about. Fog hung in the valley below, and we were all thankful it wasn’t smoke after a week of wildfires. (click on heading for the complete article)


Tax deductable Donations accepted in memory of Ames Curtright to pay for permanent infrastructure and expenses so the GOE/RATF and other liberty and faith-based events can be held annually.

For 10 years, “The Gathering Of The Eagles” near Salem  has brought together grassroots activists, politicians, candidates and people of faith for grassroots training.

In 2019, the Oregon Liberty Coalition’s “Rally Around the Flag” combined efforts with the “Gathering of the Eagles” event. Our goal is to make this facility and The Gathering of the Eagles/Rally Around the Flag event self-sustaining financially, inspirational and most importantly effective in bringing Oregon back to our founding principles.

The 2021 event will build on the first two events. These events are inspiring and motivational designed to give you tools to help campaigns in your own comfort zone. If you are interested in volunteering to help this event come together, just email

Support the continuing efforts to celebrate the political and faith life of the late Dr. William “Ames” Curtright, co-founder of the Gathering of the Eagles with his wife Dama.

Western Liberty Network is available for training. Leaders from  FreedomWorks offer training to groups on the use of social media and their Regulatory Action Center.

Become an activists in a local group and join in the fight to STAND YOUR GROUND.

2019 Rally was a tribute to Ames Curtright