2021 Stand Your Ground



Taking Back Oregon

SEPTEMBER 11, 2021,


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Tax-deductible Donations accepted to pay for GOE / RATF events.

Sponsors: Dama Curtright, FreedomWorks, Ed and Judith McMKenney, Virginia Moldovanyi,

Mike and Deborah Nearman, Brandon Audia and Northewest Watershed Restoration LLC


MC: Jeff Kropf , Oregon State Representative (Retired)

10:00am – Flag presentation, Pledge and Moment of Prayer/Reflection, Honoring Survivors of 9-11 & America’s Veterans.    InvocationRev. Matthew Price, Oregon Gospel Ministries

Announcements – Welcome, Recognition of sponsors

10:15-11:00Critical Race Theory/Exit Public School Now
Suzanne Gallagher – Oregon Parents Rights in Education
Dran Reese – Salt & Light Council
Public School Exit

11:00-12:00 – Election Integrity 
Janice Dysinger – Oregonians for Fair Elections
Seth Keshel – former Army Intel Captain and Election Analyst.
“Strengthening the Vote”

Noon – 1:15 pmLunch available or bring your own lunch.

***Networking time***
Visit Candidate and Organization tables, Socialize with other Patriots! [Group, Organization and Candidate tables available, please request at orlibertycoalition@gmail.com.]

1:15-2:00 pm ORGANIZATION SPEAKERS      
     Oregon Blexit – Janira Brannigan
     Slavic Vote – Dmitriy Sashchenko & Andrey Georgiyev
     Oregonians for Medical Freedom – Breanna Jarmer
     TimberUnity – Lisa Holcomb 


Candidates that announce before the event will be invited and added to the website agenda.

Moderator: Richard Burke, Western Liberty Network

Invited Candidates:
Paul Romero, Veteran, CEO
Jim Huggins, CEO, former USAF/USAFR
Stan Pulliam, Sandy Mayor
Bud Pierce, veteran, physician/small business owner
Jessica Gomez, CEO
Kerry McQuisten, Baker City Mayor
Marc Thielman, Alsea School District 7J Superintendent
Bridget Barton, small business owner
Amber Richardson, small business owner
Court Boice, Curry County Commissioner
John Fosdick III, customer service/US Army 2004-12
Brandon Merritt

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

**Times and events subject to change.
All aspects of this event and its planned agenda are subject to change without notice. Individual presenters may be
affiliated with or employed by other organizations. Their participation in this event or associated events is not to be construed as constituting a formal association with or endorsement of OLC or vice versa. OLC is a non-partisan organization. Although OLC works to advancing Constitutional limited-government, Fiscal Responsibility, and Free Markets principles, it does not support or oppose any candidate for public office, political party. This is a PRIVATE EVENT SUBJECT TO PRE-APPROVED REGISTRATION.