Letter to President Trump

President Trump response



April 10, 2017

Dear President Trump,

The Oregon Liberty Coalition fully supports your presidency and endeavors to do our part to counter resistance groups and educate on the Constitution.

We supported the Republican agenda and your campaign promise to repeal the Affordable Health Care Act and move health care to a free-market system.

We were dismayed when the healthcare bill was written, leaving out specific federal jurisdiction as authorized in Article 1, Section 8, Clause 17 in the same manner as the controversial Affordable Health Care Act – behind closed door with no consensus, or authorization/jurisdiction to even write a health care act in the first place. You must admire the Freedom Caucus for protecting your campaign promise and staying responsible to the American people.

We want to see you succeed in Making America Great Again, by following the Constitution for the United States of America! We appreciate much of what you have already done in the first few months of your administration.

However, we respectfully ask you to work with the Freedom Caucus, along with other conservatives in the House and Senate. These patriots are working to keep the campaign promises that you and they made.

Please respect the members of the House Freedom Caucus for doing their elected duty to ensure you are all successful in keeping your campaign promises. Work with them to devise a bill that will move healthcare towards a free-market system.

Mr. President, we are praying for your success as you work to rebuild our nation.



Columbia County Tea Party (Columbia County CD1)
Greater Hermiston Area Tea Party (Umatilla County CD2)
Milton-Freewater Tea Party Patriots (Umatilla County CD2)
Pendleton Tea Party Patriots (Umatilla County CD2)
Eastern Oregon Patriots (Union County CD2)
Madras Tea Party (Jefferson County CD2)
Clackamas Freedom and Prosperity (CFP) (Clackamas County CD3)
Oregon 912 Project (Clackamas County CD3)
Gresham Tea Party (Gresham County CD3)
912 Lane County (Lane County CD4
Cottage Grove 912 Project (Lane County CD4)
Liberators (Douglas County CD4)
Central Oregon Patriots (Crook County CD2)
Brookings Harbor Tea Party (Curry County CD4)
Coos County Watchdog (Coos County CD4)
Americas Founding Principles (Marion County CD5)
Salem 912 (Marion County CD5)
FreedomWorks Oregon
Oath Keepers of Oregon
Heirs of Patrick Henry
Oregon Tea Party
Article 5 Convention Project
Oregonians for Fair Elections
I Spy Radio Show GRIP Productions
Oregonians for Scientific Justice
Oregon Abigail Adams Project
Oregon Capitol Watch Foundation
Oregon Citizens Lobby
PANDA Oregon – People Against the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA)
Project Liberty
Push Back Coalition
Restore America
Salt & Light Council
Stop Common Core in Oregon
Western Liberty Network