Beating Our Drum



National Popular Vote – July 27, 2018

The public doesn’t understand how the National Popular Vote Compact will change how votes are counted. This article explains the value of the vote and how it will be impacted.

Gerrymandering – August 16, 2018

Redistricting is sure to be considered in the 2019 Legislative Session. As the population shifts and grows, redistricting has become a political tool of the party in power and gerrymandering has become political game playing. This article explains the history of gerrymandering and options considered for redistricting Oregon.

What is a ‘Patriot’?  – November 6, 2016

The socialist group ‘Rural Organizing Project’ would have you believe that patriotism is all about community resistance and that ‘patriots’ are an armed, unstable and dangerous lot. To respond with the truth, OLC published What is a ‘Patriot’? to defend the attacks on members and affiliates.

Letter to President Trump and ResponseApril 10, 2017 

The Oregon Liberty Coalition fully supports the President’s endeavors to  counter resistance groups and educate on the Constitution. We wrote a letter in support of the Republican agenda and his campaign promise to repeal the Affordable Health Care Act and move health care to a free-market system.