Get Out The Vote

Resources to develop or organize a Get Out The Vote campaign. Whether it’s providing incentives for individuals to do their own campaign or recruiting people to help on a campaign, it’s important to motivate people to vote.

Suggested Actions:

  1. Develop a timeline.
  2. Get training for a group.
  3. Identify individual campaign options.
  4. Develop individual campaign materials for distribution and provide  mentoring.
  5. Do Facebook and Twitter campaigns.
  6. Collect success stories for motivation and planning.


    1. Women voters are  primarily concerned with the safety of their families and candidates supporting the Second Amendment. Voter registration shows women are 52% of voters and 25% of all voters will be women from just 2 counties – Washington and Clackamas Counties. A great opportunity.
    2. An internal Facebook experiment on 61 million increased voting by 340,000 just from a single Facebook message that a friend voted.
    3. It’s a mistake to go after a candidate. Stick with an issue that sells to your targeted group.
    4. Identify district lines, party dominance and demographics to form an effective campaign.

Money is more stressful than politics for Millennials.

Oregon Abigail Adams Get-Out-The-Vote resources.

Western Liberty Network Training – Richard Burke offers training focused on a personal GOTV campaign that is personalized to what they are comfortable to do, contact neighbors, write letter to the editor, social media with resources for where to get information.

  • How to talk to the media and become a credible source.
  • Personal campaign plan such as putting up posters and signs at their level of comfort.
  • If we approach people at their comfort zone they are more likely to do the work.
  • How to talk to the media and become a credible source.


Kay Bridges offers Facebook resources for effectively using the power of Facebook to get attention and spread your message. She has successful changed opinions through her Facebook strategy.

  • Books are free on Amazon Kindle
  • Kay’s Facebook page ‘Here is How’ has a short video. Post a review on Facebook of her books and she will provide free counseling.
  • A new concept for why we should ‘Like’ candidates on Facebook.
    • If the candidate ‘boost’ their page, it multiples through the ‘Likes” so we contribute to their campaign by the simple act of ‘Like’.
    • When we invite friends to ‘Like’ a candidate page, a boost will reach further and more will accept (like) the candidate
  • Facebook identifies demographics that can be targeted.
    • Democrats buy more pet food, which is why pets are often shown in photos directed at them, including Governor Brown on a horse.
    • International symbol for US is a horse – representing the wild west – symbol of strength.
    • Put a human face on your issue.
      • Grab some emotion, setting politics aside, then show some humanity.
      • Think of opportunities to capture emotions and put a human face on it.
  • Learn to tell stories to create a winning emotion.
  • An effective strategy is to ask a question and let them think it through.
  • Leave the answer hang.
    • Just asking: will you please explain that to me, will get them to think and if they engage you can get a conversation going.
    • The person who asks the question is in control.
  •  Another concept is to create an inventory of videos and messages and track results for boosting when it is needed.
  • Soft-sell women to obtain their trust before they will engage on a political page. What gets them to come on is Christmas lights, Valentines and Easter.

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A quote from an unlikely source. Use their words against them:
“If we have reached the point where issues can no longer be discussed on the basis of logic and truth, or hysteria has ravaged to a point of utter irrationality and fear, then it’s one hell of a situation.“ Sal Aleksey quoted in Let Them Call Me Rebel.