Oregon Liberty Coalition Affiliate Application

Mission Statement and Policies

Oregon Liberty Coalition (OLC) is a statewide Coalition of local, autonomous, non-partisan patriot groups, and individuals established to advance and strengthen the Founding principles and God-given rights predicated in the U.S. and Oregon Constitutions. Our mission is to encourage and facilitate affiliate participation in community outreach, and empower all citizens with a voice and influence in demanding Constitutional governance. OLC will help local, independent groups grow in numbers and nurture communication and collaboration among patriot and freedom supporting groups.

The Primary issues that we focus on are:

  1. Constitutional Limited Government
  2. Fiscal Responsibility
  3. Free Markets

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Affiliate Agreement for Application

OLC has established a few simple criteria for affiliates in the Oregon Liberty Coalition to help maintain the integrity and security of the OLC.

Affiliate Policy:

  • OLC functions via a weekly conference call, emails and social networks.
  • Each affiliate will only have one vote for any issue or agreed messaging.
  • Affiliates may participate in the OLC business and conference calls.
  • Do not forward or share OLC work products without approval.
  • Do not forward or use OLC affiliate contact information for any purpose other than OLC.
  • Affiliates may not use OLC logo or endorsement for any purpose not approved by OLC.
  • OLC affiliates may display that they are an affiliate of the OLC on group websites and printed material.
  • Affiliates may not speak in behalf of the OLC without the approval of OLC.
  • Affiliates’ purpose should reflect the Primary Issues of the OLC.
  • No dues are required. Donations are accepted for maintaining the website and other incidental expenses.

Approval by OLC:

Voting decisions:

  • New applications shall be presented during one conference call and an email notice sent out. A week must transpire before final vote takes place at the following conference call so as to allow affiliates time to consider the proposed affiliate and provide an opportunity to vote via email if unable to participate in a conference call vote. Determination is made from the majority of total votes cast.
  • Planning activities, such as the annual rally, may be done by committee in conjunction with those participating on the call when needing a decision.
  • OLC business matters will first be accepted by a majority vote of those participating on the conference call and then distributed to affiliates for confirmation.

Removal from OLC:

Upon motion and presentation of cause, an affiliate may be removed from OLC by majority vote of OLC. Cause must be a violation of affiliate rules or other gross misconduct.

Revisions to Affiliate Rules:

Changes and modifications can be made to affiliate rules by majority vote. The proposed changes shall be included as an agenda item in the email notice. A motion and discussion must be made during one conference call and a week must transpire before final vote takes place at the following conference call so as to allow affiliates time to consider the proposed change and provide an opportunity to vote via email if unable to participate in the vote.

Replacement of Officers:

Should there be a need to replace the committee director or treasurer, OLC operates by volunteers, so first priority will be to seek a capable volunteer. If more than one volunteer steps forward, the vote will go to the membership. Otherwise, a volunteer may be confirmed by the affiliate representatives on the call using the ‘Revisions to Affiliate Rules’ procedures.

To apply as an individual or a group affiliate, you must have read this Mission Statement and Policy and complete the Application form. CLICK HERE

August 22, 2018

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Funds Handling Policy

The purpose of this policy is to provide guidance to ensure that funds handling procedures provide the controls necessary to safeguard assets, prevent mishandling of funds, and to accurately record receipts to ensure the reliability of financial reporting.

An Oregon Liberty Coalition account is established at Paypal to facilitate contributions for the maintenance of the website and incidental expenses. The account is overseen by the elected Treasurer and Committee Director.

The Committee Director is a fiduciary position overseeing the finances and obtaining proper authority for expenditures according to OLC policies.

The Treasurer is responsible for giving updated expense reports to the OLC in a timely manner.

The Treasurer has the authority to authorize other affiliate to pay bills authorized by the OLC policy.


  • Bills for maintaining the website have automatic approval for payment when due.
  • No reoccurring bill shall be obligated without a vote of the affiliates on a call. Any afffiliate may ask for a vote from the affiliates.
  • Other expenses shall be presented to the affiliates on a call for discussion and approval. Any affiliate may ask for a vote from the affiliates.
November 24, 2017