Oregon Liberty Coalition (OLC) is a statewide Coalition of local, autonomous, non-partisan patriot groups established to advance and strengthen the Founding principles and God-given rights predicated in the U.S. and Oregon Constitutions. Our mission is to encourage and facilitate citizen participation in the political process and empower all citizens with a voice and influence in demanding Constitutional governance. OLC will help local, independent groups grow in numbers and influence and nurture communication and collaboration among patriot and freedom supporting groups.

The Primary issues that we focus on are:

  1. Constitutional Limited Government
  2. Fiscal Responsibility
  3. Free Markets

For information send email to orlibertycoalition@gmail.com


Membership Agreement for OLC

We have established a few simple criteria for membership in the Oregon Liberty Coalition to help maintain the integrity and security of the OLC.

Membership Rules:

  • Each member group will only have one vote for any issue or agreed messaging.
  • Member groups may appoint 1-3 representatives (includes backups) to the OLC to participate.
  • Do not forward OLC work products to general membership (without approval).
  • Do not forward or use OLC member contact info for any purpose other than OLC.
  • Members may not use OLC logo or endorsement for any purpose not approved by OLC membership.
  • OLC member groups may display that they are a member of the OLC on group websites and printed material.
  • Members may not speak in behalf of the OLC without the approval of the OLC membership.
  • Participate in the Coalition meeting (conference calls or Summits) no less than four times a year.
  • Member groups’ purpose should reflect the core principles of the OLC.
  • No dues are required.

Removal from OLC:

Upon motion and presentation of cause, a member group may be removed from OLC membership by majority vote of OLC membership. Cause must be a violation of membership rules or other gross misconduct.

Revisions to Membership Rules:

Changes and modifications can be made to membership rules by majority vote. A motion and discussion must be made during one meeting and a week must transpire before final vote takes place at the following meeting so as to allow members time to consider the proposed change to those rules.