On Our Radar

OLC brings together a coalition of patriot affiliates that guard our constitutional rights by identifying areas of  concern. We watch for movements that threaten our communities. The Progressive ideology has been working non-stop in its efforts to undermine and completely destroy all that America has come to be known and respected for. When we work together, we can reach the whole state through communication and education.



GEORGE SOROS (Organizations)

NEW ECONOMY COALITION (NEC) – The New Economy Coalition (NEC) is a network of organizations imagining and building a future where people, communities, and ecosystems thrive. Together, we are creating deep change in our economy and politics—placing power in the hands of people and uprooting legacies of harm—so that a fundamentally new system can take root.

Fair World Project (FWP), Portland, Oregon (Member of NEC),  educates and advocates for a just global economy where: people are treated fairly with dignity; the environment is respected and nourished; commerce fosters sustainable livelihoods and communities in a global society based on cooperation and solidarity; fair market opportunities and fair government and trade policy defend, and support the contributions of farmers, workers, and artisans to our global society; marketing claims have integrity and promote throughout entire supply chains, and support dedicated brands that put people before profits.

314 ACTION –  a grassroots community of over 400,000 scientists and advocates who care about science and facts. Since putting out the call for scientists to run for office, over 7,000 scientists have reached out to us for assistance with their campaigns. We’ve trained over 1,400 of them and now we’re the largest resource for helping scientists run for office and win.

RURAL ORGANIZING PROJECT (ROP) –  The Rural Organizing Project (ROP) is a statewide organization of locally-based groups that work to create communities accountable to a standard of human dignity: the belief in the equal worth of all people, the need for equal access to justice and the right to self-determination. Starting in 1992, ROP’s challenges to the anti-democratic right have earned ROP a national reputation for being an effective grassroots organization that takes on the hard issues.

Follow their newsletter on NETROP for current activities.


Oregon Socialist Renewal – Oregon Continues To Organize (January 14 Protest Event) – An Organizing Project of members of the Democratic Socialists of America, Committees of Correspondence for Democracy & Socialism, Freedom Road Socialist Organization and Willamette Reds. No central slogan or demand has been formulated yet, but this needs to be a disciplined, large and loud event led by CAUSA and affiliated groups and in line with a forward-looking national agenda which brings the peoples’ and working-class forces together.

Causa Central Oregon (Oregon’s Immigrant Rights Organization) – connected with ROP Board of DirectorsJosefina Riggs – Redmond, Deschutes County. Born in Caracas, Venezuela, Josefina and her son Zydlei moved to the US in 1998.  Josefina met ROP through the March for ONE Oregon in March of 2013, which she recalls as her first experience in the USA in an organization fighting for the benefit of the entire community. Over the last several years, Josefina has been involved with Causa Central Oregon, Recursos, and other local community and social justice groups.  She has been involved in the fight for immigration reform, to end wage theft, and other programs and activities that benefit the wider community. Through Josefina, ROP will be lucky enough to have a Causa Board Member also serve as a ROP Board Member. Josefina brings heart, commitment and inspiration to all of her justice work.

Immigrant Fairness Network (IFN) –  ROP’s IFN supports justice for working people and human rights in a global economy. Currently we see immigrants as the frontline of assaults on workers’ rights and civil liberties. In a time of war abroad, the war at home targets our civil liberties, divides communities in the name of “security,” and has given rise to a new wave of anti-immigrant backlash. We are pushing back with our vision of human dignity and liberty for all. We are taking action for economic justice in rural and small town Oregon with a logical focus on immigrant fairness as the predictable first rung.

Blackberry Pie Society  They are a member group of the Rural Organizing Project helping to advance democracy in rural Oregon. Facebook Page is at: http://www.facebook.com/BlackberryPieSociety.

Blackberry Pie Society plots its post-election future in the Cottage Grove Sentinel, 12/14/16 – Planning a bumper sticker campaign, “Bring Back Facts.” We’ll be waiting to hear when their schedule their speaker. We need to take the offensive! They want facts – consider providing our facts if they will listen.  Might be an interesting event to go to! Bob has been to their events before, but never on the offensive!