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Transfer of Public Lands Act

March 2012, Governor Herbert signed HB148, Utah’s Transfer of Public Lands Act, which demands that the United States extinguish title to Federal Lands and turn them over to the state to manage by the end of 2014. Ken Ivory revisits how it works.

The deadline for Utah’s HB 148, The Transfer of Public Lands Act, is the end of 2014. In this video Ken Ivory explains what the next steps for Utah will be.


Constitution Word by Word

You own your government. The Constitution is your Charter giving it specific powers, by your consent. In this video series, the Josephine County Constitution Study Group explores the Constitution in-depth to show you how the nation’s instruction manual is supposed to work.


FreedomWorks Foundation Submits Only Comment to Coast Guard Regulatory Reform Effort, Opposing Jones Act

FreedomWorks Foundation submitted, thus far, the only comment to an open Coast Guard docket requesting information on regulations to review and/or reverse, in accordance with President Trump’s executive orders on regulatory reform.

The Foundation’s comments focus on the Jones Act and subsequent regulations governing domestic maritime shipping. The laws and regulations governing America’s domestic shipping industry, particularly the Merchant Marine Act of 1920—more commonly known as the Jones Act—restrict shipping between two domestic ports in the United States to ships primarily built, owned, operated and flagged in the United States. According to the World Economic Forum, America’s coastwise trade laws under the Jones Act are “the most restrictive” of their kind in the world.


John Tamny Joins FreedomWorks’ New Center for Economic Freedom


FreedomWorks today announced that John Tamny will join FreedomWorks and serve as the director of the organization’s Center for Economic Freedom.

The Center for Economic Freedom will have a special focus on promoting policies that get government out of the way and allow Americans to keep more of what they earn, while highlighting the dangers of overregulation and protectionism.


Guilty Until Proven Innocent

The United States Government seized more from private citizens than burglars in 2014. Current federal laws regarding civil asset forfeiture are overstepping private property rights under the Fifth Amendment of the US Constitution. Under the Fifth Amendment it is the obligation of government to provide evidence against private individuals whereas current civil asset forfeiture laws require private citizens to prove innocence. Civil Asset Forfeiture, where government confiscation is acceptable if it’s in the name of protecting the United States against drug lords by taking away private property.

It is time for the federal Department of Justice to catch up with states like New Mexico where the burden of proof is on the state to provide the evidence that the seized property is associated with drug sales, rather than putting the burden on the citizen to provide evidence that their property is NOT associated with the purchase of drugs.

Excessive Federal Land Ownership is a Bad Deal for All Americans