Jurisdiction Workshops


In follow-up to Rally Around the Flag 2016, OLC is offering training workshops around the state to educate county and local officials on their jurisdiction authority under the U.S. Constitution. Training will be in preparation for counties to advance their own plan. Doyel Shamley will be available to help to implement changes.

Training includes:

(1) Admissions Act – what lands are ceded to the federal government, what can the federal government own, and why they must dispose of land within state boundaries.
(2) Oregon Statutes on Federal Lands – process for acquisition.
(3) Eisenhower Synopsis – history and development of legislative jurisdiction.
(4) Inventory Report on Jurisdictional Status of Federal Areas within the States – which real property is owned by the U.S. Government, types of jurisdiction, and a list of the Legislative Jurisdiction over Federal areas of the Real Property reported for each County in Oregon.

Ask about a presentation to your County Commissioners.